St. Louis Area Power Strokes
The name of this organization shall be the St. Louis Area Power Strokes, hereinafter known as SLAPS.

The purpose of SLAPS shall be to develop, foster and promote the enjoyment of Ford Power Strokes.

ARTICLE III: Communication
a. The primary form of communication is email.  Additionally, posts may be made in the Events and Rallies  section of, (hereafter known as the SLAPS website) and other regularly used SLAPS forums as may exist from time to time on various commercial websites.
b. The SLAPS website shall remain the personal property of the domain owner.

ARTICLE IV: Membership
SECTION 1:  Full Membership
Any reputable person owning or in the process of buying a Ford Power Stroke or other Ford product which is currently equipped with, and was equipped on its date of manufacture, with a diesel engine supplied to Ford Motor Company by the International Truck and Engine Corporation, may become a member by supplying the appropriate information (full name, physical address and email address) to SLAPS.

SECTION 2:  Associate Membership

a.  Associate Membership may be granted to any person who does not qualify for Full Membership and expresses interest in helping SLAPS further it's purpose.  
b.  Associate Members shall be permitted to attend all SLAPS meetings and events.
c.  Full Members will be reclassified as Associate Members if they no longer meet the requirements for Full Membership.  

SECTION 3:  Dues
a.  No dues will be charged.

SECTION 4:  Voting
a.  All Full Members in good standing who are in attendance at a properly announced meeting shall have voting privileges to cast their vote on any issue brought forth at said meeting .
b.  Associate Members shall not have voting privileges.

SECTION 5:  Removal from membership
a.  Full and Associate members will be  removed from the membership roster if they commit any act which discredits SLAPS or its membership.
b.  Full and Associate members may request removal from the membership roster at any time by making a written request to SLAPS.

ARTICLE VI: Meetings of the Members
SECTION 1: Regular Meetings

Regular Meetings will be held.  These meetings will be properly announced and the time and place will be included in such announcement.

SECTION 2: Events
Events such as planned social gatherings, and technical presentations shall be held as the opportunity arises.   Events may be held in conjunction with, or in place of, a regular meeting.

SECTION 3: Special Meetings
Special Meetings can be called by the President, Officers or by a petition signed by 20 voting members.

SECTION 4: Notice of Meetings
Printed notice of each meeting shall be given to each member by email to the email address provided by the member.

SECTION 5: Quorum
The members present at a properly announced meeting shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION 6: Voting
All issues to be voted on, shall be decided by a simple majority of the voting members at the meeting in which the vote takes place, unless otherwise specified within the by-laws.

ARTICLE VI: Officers
SECTION 1: Members

The Officers shall be made up of  Full Members of SLAPS who have attended at least 50% of the properly announced meetings in the prior calendar year.

SECTION 2: Authority
a. The Officers shall have full power to conduct the business of  SLAPS between meetings provided such business is not contrary to the bylaws of  SLAPS.
b. The Officers shall define and interpret these bylaws and its rulings shall be official unless overturned by the voting members assembled at a meeting by a two-thirds vote.

SECTION 3: Officers Meetings
a. The Officers shall meet at the call of the President or any two (2) other Officers.
b. A quorum for any meeting of the Officers shall be Four (4) Officers members.
c. The Officers may conduct business by mail, email or telephone when necessary.
d. Official decisions made by the Officers that affect the general membership shall be announced at the next properly announced meeting.

SECTION 1: The Officers of SLAPS shall be:

a. President.
b. Vice-President
c. Secretary
d. Treasurer
e. Sergeant-at-Arms
f.  Past President(s)
g. Founding Member(s)

SECTION 2: Duties of Officers
a. The President shall:
1. Be the chief executive officer of SLAPS
2. Develop, revise, and maintain SLAPS contracts.

b. The Vice-President shall:
1. Assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.
2. Assist in the planning and execution of meetings and activities.

c. The Secretary shall:
1.  Keep a written log of all meetings held by the membership and/or Officers.

d. The Treasurer shall:
1. Be custodian of all funds, property, records and other SLAPS owned assets.
2. Keep records of all monies received & disbursed.
3. Provide a statement of accounts, at each properly announced meeting and to the Officers upon demand.
4. Pay all bills for routine supplies and all special purchases that have been approved by the Officers.

e. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall:
1.  Perform functions assigned by the President.

f.   Past President(s)
1.  Perform functions assigned by the President.

g. Founding Member(s)
1. Perform functions assigned by the President.

SECTION 3: Eligibility of Officers
a. All officers shall be SLAPS Full Members in good standing who have attended at least 50% of properly announced meetings held during the calendar year immediately prior to their election to office.

SECTION 4: Election Procedures:
a. Candidates can be nominated by any voting member sending a private message to that candidate and the President. Upon acceptance of the nomination by the candidate the candidate will notify the President.
b. Elections to be held at the Annual Holiday Party.
c. In the event there are no nominations or announced candidates for an office, nominations will be accepted at the Annual Holiday Party.
d. The office(s) of Past President shall be held by those member(s) who have previously served in the elected capacity of President.  This office shall not be voted upon by the membership and a member holding this office may only be removed if the member is no longer eligible for SLAPS membership.
e. The office(s) of Founding Member may only be held by those members who were in attendance at the meeting held on August 30, 2003.  This office shall not be voted upon by the membership and a member holding this office may only be removed if the member is no longer eligible for SLAPS membership.

SECTION 5: Terms of Office
All elected officers shall serve a two-year term beginning in January.  All non-elected officers shall retain their positions indefinitely, contingent only upon maintaining membership eligibility status.

SECTION 6: Removal from Office
a. Any officer may be removed from office:
1.)  If  the officer fails to perform the duties of the office;
2.)  If the officer is no longer eligible for Full Membership; or
3.)  For any reason that brings discredit to SLAPS.

b. Removal from office shall be by majority vote at the next regular or special meeting.

SECTION 7: Vacancies in Office
a. Any vacancies in office except that of President shall be filled within thirty days by the President with the approval of the Officers.
b. A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the Vice President, or if the Vice President is not capable of fulfilling the Presidents duties, by a member of the Officers to be selected by the remaining members of the Officers until such time as a special election can be arranged.

SECTION 8: Records and Property
Records and property held by officers. During the last thirty days of their term, all outgoing officers and committee chairs shall deliver to their successors in office all of the records and property of SLAPS in their possession.

SECTION 9: Standing Committees
Officers shall establish standing or temporary committees to assist in the activities of the club.

ARTICLE VIII: Parliamentary Authority
The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the proceeding of SLAPS in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws.

ARTICLE IX: Amendments
These bylaws may be amended as follows:
At any Meeting held, by a two-thirds vote provided proper announcement was given.